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You must have heard about the Japanese poem, haiku. It is the smallest poetry form in the world – seventeen syllables only – but one of the most penetrating. The word ‘haiku’ means ‘the beginning’. This is a tremendous significance – the word haiku means the beginning.

The haiku poets say: We only begin, we never end.

The poet begins, the listener has to complete it. If a poem is complete with the poet then nothing is left for the listener. Then the listener will be just a spectator. Then the act is not creative – in fact, it is dangerous.

The poet, the real poet, never completes. He leaves something incomplete. He gives hints and leaves gaps: those gaps have to be fulfilled by you. Then the transfer is creative. The poet sings a song, ripples are created in your consciousness, and you complete the song in your innermost core of being.

The poet begins it, you complete it.

Then you are joined in one creative process: the painter begins it, then the person who looks at the painting completes it.

Osho, The Divine Melody, Ch 4, Q 2