Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth is a big, gutsy interpretation of the play made even more compelling by the presence of a magnificent but inhospitable landscape. Supprted by the almost palpable chemistry between Marion Cotilliard (Lady Macbeth) and Michael Fassbender (Macbeth) the plot unfolds with devastating inevitability.

The soundtrack is remarkable – music I’d be happy to listen to over and over, but it did compete a bit with the dialogue, which for some peculiar reason was delivered by all the male characters in what I can only presume were thick Scottish accents – sometimes simply incomprehensible.
Cotillards lines were impeccably delivered in standard English – her “out out damn spot” monologue utterly heart-wrenching and convincing. For this scene alone it would be worth going to see the movie.
Considering that Shakespeare’s English is already challenging for  the average modern audience to follow, especially when it’s accompanied by a musical soundtrack, the actors would have done better to stick with the standard English accent all round.
Still definitely worth seeing.