The Narrow Road to the Deep North




Melbourne 2015. I am mid-way through this year’s Man Booker Prize winner, The Narrow Road to the Deep North. After getting off to a rocky start – I mean what the fuck are editors doing these days? In the first chapters of the book there are at least five examples of really irritating grammatical stuff-ups interrupting the flow of the text. These should have been picked up by any half-way decent editor. Having said that however, I don’t know if I just got so involved in the story that I stopped noticing the errors, not sure, but now I am totally immersed in the whole thing. He really is a VERY smart writer. Structurally the novel is perfect, its emotional timing is impeccable. One is sucked in, punched in the guts and spat out, all the while experiencing a state of “Aha!” in which the possibility of judgement, the very categories good and evil become meaningless.




Nothing touches it, yet it sees and delights in all.

I would call it me.

But it sees and delights in this me also, as she comes and goes.

Oh rest here beloved one, rest in this perfect rest.

How long you have sought it in the labyrinthine ways of the mind.

Until exhaustion turned futility to silence.

Rest here oh beloved one,

Where nothing touches nothing and sees and delights in all.


Infusing the body with delight,

Overwhelming it with the music of silence.

Emanating, permeating, suffusing…

This. The untouchable ineffable…

Sees and delights in all.

Pluto Venus Conjunct


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Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. – Rumi



Sleep finds no space in this body tonight,

Breathing you in, I dissolve in you oh my beloved.

You, whom I cannot possess, possess me.

Drowning in you,

Ridden by waves  till there is only ocean,

Dancing with the delicious agony of desire.

Dying into you … such life … such love.

No I … only You.