Nothing touches it, yet it sees and delights in all.

I would call it me.

But it sees and delights in this me also, as she comes and goes.

Oh rest here beloved one, rest in this perfect rest.

How long you have sought it in the labyrinthine ways of the mind.

Until exhaustion turned futility to silence.

Rest here oh beloved one,

Where nothing touches nothing and sees and delights in all.


Infusing the body with delight,

Overwhelming it with the music of silence.

Emanating, permeating, suffusing…

This. The untouchable ineffable…

Sees and delights in all.

Pluto Venus Conjunct


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Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. – Rumi



Sleep finds no space in this body tonight,

Breathing you in, I dissolve in you oh my beloved.

You, whom I cannot possess, possess me.

Drowning in you,

Ridden by waves  till there is only ocean,

Dancing with the delicious agony of desire.

Dying into you … such life … such love.

No I … only You.


In Search of Rosewater. Templestowe.


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The supermarket. A friendly Greek woman sells me a bright pink bucket.

The pharmacy: a porcelain Chinese pharmacist says, pointing:

“There’s a Persian shop just across the plaza”.

And on the way a friendly Aussie girl who could be something else but probably isn’t any more, from the sound of it.

Rosewater, nuts, dried fruit,  Yazdi – sweet honeycakes.

Women’s voices, poetry in the air.

“It’s Farsi, our language, she laughs”

“We were talking about how hard it is to put children to sleep.”


And on the way home a church sign:

“A Jesus Metaphor: I am the bread of life.”

An Australian suburb.